KSV-12B07 & KSV-16B07, 12″ & 16″ Boys Bicycle

You can choose between Standard-Tires or Decorated-Tires.
Includes: Matching Backpack and Helmet.

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Colors: Full Black, Red-Black, Green-Black, Blue-Black

Item Number: KSV-12B07. Wheels size: 12”
Package size: 71 x 19 x 36 cm
N.W.: 7.5 kg G.W.: 8.5 kg

Item Number: KSV-16B07. Wheels size: 16”
Package size: 82 x 19 x 42 cm
N.W.: 9.5 kg G.W.: 10.5 kg

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Red, Green, Navy-Blue, Black, Blue


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